Meditation and Healing Workshops in Angmering with Linda Jarrett

Temple of Golden Light Workshops

Temple of Golden Light Meditation and Healing Workshops will help you connect to the many Temples of Golden Light in the Etheric of Mother Earth. All Temples are Ascension Temples, they include healing, teaching and facillitate the transformation of humanity and Mother Earth through and into the Golden Age of Light, by the raising of ones vibration.The workshops include working with the Rainbow Angels, the Rainbow Angels bring about healing, balancing all of your chakras,at a pace that is just right for you. Removing negativity, and releasing past life issues, at cellular level, changing long standing life patterns, that bring about unfufilling relationships, unhappiness with work, and feelings of being lost and alone, transforming them into positive changes, that help bring about good relationships, abundance, and the energy to move forward with a clear sense of direction and purpose. During the meditation/healing workshop will be go through a series of Meditations plus Healing that will connect you with the many Temples of Golden Light and access the healing energy and experience a feeling up upliftment.

The next Temple of Golden Light Workshop will be held:

Sunday 18th March 2018

TIME: to 4.00pm

COST: £55


Temple of Golden Light Workshop 

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Testimonial from attending a Temple of Golden Light Workshop with Linda Jarrett/October 2013

I just wanted to say a big thank to you for the workshop yesterday – I found it a lovely experience, really interesting in lots of ways, lots to think about.. & time for me to get serious, get meditating/in touch with my angels I think!
Caroline, London

Rainbow Angel Workshops

Meditation workshops with Linda Jarrett

All the workshops include working with the Rainbow Angels, the Rainbow Angels will heal all of your chakras, not just one chakra, all of your chakras will be healed together. Removing negativity and releasing past life issues, at cellular level,changing life patterns that create unhappiness with work and feelings of being lost, and stuck, transforming them into positive changes and giving feelings of abundance, and the inspiration to move forward with purpose and direction. We do this work through meditation as we connect to the  Rainbow Angels. Some workshops we will work with Archangel Metaziel, he overlites the Rainbow Angels, he works with Archangel Metatron.

The workshops include raising your vibration, Linda will be connecting you to your own Rainbow Angel,plus Guardian Angel, Archangels. Earth guides,and Starbeings of the light, and Unicorns, we will work with the Ascended Masters, invoking all for their protection and love, you can be helped with many aspects of your life, guidance, relationships, health, family life, inspiration,healing and emotional issues to name, just a few ways you can be helped and healed. Source light has the power to touch everyone of us with protection, guidance, and the power of love.

Rainbow Angel Workshop

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