Unicorn Meditations MP3


There are 3 meditation tracks on the album:

  1. Meet your Unicorn  12.08
  2. The Enchanted Forest 16.55
  3. Planet of the Universe 17.32

All the music is by Shirlie Roden singer songwriter


Unicorn Mediations  (MP3 format) will help you connect to the Unicorns that work with the many Temples of Golden Light, placed in the Etheric of Mother Earth all around the world now.

Unicorns are beautiful beings of tremendous light, their pure energy coming from the Unicorn’s Horn will fill each and every cell in your body. Raising your vibration helping you through ascension, to release old issues from this life and past lives; releasing old programming, old mind sets, old hurts, old anger, and negative feelings of distrust, disillusion, and disharmony. You will begin to feel your own self love, self worth, and self esteem coming back to you. Feel your heart chakra expanding in love as your entire body starts to flow with golden light; releasing old patterns that maybe stored in different parts of your body. You are creating a new rhythm, a new movement allowing yourself to feel uplifted, positive, joyful, happy and healed.

The Temples of Golden Light are a gift from Source to re-balance planet Earth with Goddess energy, raising the vibration through ascension, The many Temples of Golden Light are surrounded by 4 Huge Golden Global Universal Seraphim Angels of the highest order representing North, South, East, and West of our planet.

There are 144 Temples of Golden Light, surrounding the world acting as a powerful grid of energy working for the highest good of humanity, and Mother Earth.

I hope you enjoy listening to this Unicorn Meditation CD, as much as I enjoyed recording it. I am very grateful to be working with
the Universe.

With grateful thanks to my husband Christopher Jarrett and Shirlie Roden and to my family who inspired me to create this CD and of course to the wonderful Unicorns of Love and Golden Light. Linda x


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