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Garden of Relaxation CD – Release date 1st December 2014 The CD consists of 3 Tracks: Track 1. Relax and Let go / 13.12 Track 2. Garden of Relaxation / 17.43 Track 3.  Rainbow Light / 10.37 Linda Jarrett is an International Spiritual Teacher, Author,  Workshop Facilitator, Healer and Clairvoyant. Linda works with the Rainbow Angels and the Temples of Golden Light. She has previously released two meditation cd's: Rainbow Angel Meditations and Unicorn Meditations. Garden of Relaxation will be her 3rd Meditation Cd release date 1st December 2014. If you wish to hear a clip of each track please visit her You Tube Channel.


These meditations weave together, guided visualization by spoken word, colour, soft background music and musical tones, to help you on a journey of light, and healing thereby helping you to raise your vibration and Let Go of old stuck energy, to welcome in new positive energy, through embracing change within. We all need to rest and recharge due to lifes demands on us, meditation is a simply way of relaxing the mind, body and soul, Linda  takes you through the meditations easily step by step, she helps you relax deeply and naturally, by gently guiding you through each meditation. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced meditators. We are all interconnected through vibration, when we learn to live together as one unity consciousness, we will live in peace and harmony. Uniting as one heart, will connect us to our beautiful planet earth and this universe.

Track 1. Relax and Let go / 13.12 This meditation will help you release unwanted stress energy, from the whole of your physical body, allowing relaxation of your mind, body and soul, helping you to be focused and centred. You will begin by fully relaxing the whole of your body, clearing away any old negative thought patterns, beginning to heal unwanted thoughts and emotions, that may give way to negativity. The main aim being to focus on your breathe as you relax each and every part of your body.

Track 2. Garden of Relaxation / 17.43 Peace, calm and happiness are yours you simply need to know how to achieve this. Gardens are perfect places to relax and dream, leaving the stresses of the outside world behind you, Within you will experience, a dazzling array of Rainbow colours and fragrances, you will be inspired by this garden, filled with many varieties of flowers filling the air with their sweet scent, giving you, peace, calm by relaxing you, opening you up to infinite possibilities.

Track 3.  Rainbow Light / 10.37 You dream of being in a rainbow, imagine yourself stepping into a rainbow. You start to feel gentle raindrops touching your cheeks, you look up and become mesmerized by a wonderful bright, beautiful rainbow. A rainbow is one of natures spectacular light shows. You notice the fascinating colours, of the rainbow arc. The colours of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Rainbows are beautiful and magnificent, you begin to forget all about your tensions and concerns as you gaze at the rainbow colours. You can listen to clips of each track and a talk by Linda on her You Tube Channel. You can pre order a copy of Linda’s  cd by visiting the shop page.


Many blessings Linda x Garden of Relaxation CD by Linda Jarrett

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  1. Alice


    Linda perfectly guides the listener so wonderfully along the stepping stones – transporting you to a space where you feel CALM – BALANCED & PEACEFUL.

    Linda provides precise guidance on the correct way to proceed into a blissful relaxed state of being.

    Beautifully explained, Linda details why it is important to remove old negative energy held within the body – in order to effect this, she enables the listener to do so using The Key – which equals “The Breath” this will connect the listener to blissful relaxation.

    Soothingly Linda’s voice moves the listener’s attention to all the main parts of the body, explaining the importance of focusing on ALL areas of the body and supportive & connective elements ie: muscles, nerves, tendons, vertebrae – as well as hair, eyes, ears, fingers, toes etc. It is not just the organs that are catered for, but the thoughts & emotions are also effectively addressed.

    This is an ideal meditation to enable the listener to effectively dissolve stress – leaving you feeling totally Relaxed and at Peace from within. Marcella – Surrey – September 2014

  2. Alice Stanley


    PEACE, CALM & HAPPINESS – Linda brings the tranquillity of a host of different gardens to life on this sublime track. Linda Jarrett emphasizes how gardens holistically relax the mind as the eyes & ears feast on the colours and fragrances from all the flowers & plants gifted by Mother Nature.

    The Garden is the arena Linda utilises to allow the listener to immerse themselves in. This is done by precise detailed instructions – using the breath as the vehicle to transport the meditator to the optimum state of being – PEACEFULNESS.

    Linda richly describes the kaleidoscope of colours that spring forth from the beautiful colours of the flowers and trees enabling the listener to be totally enticed by the oasis they are surrounded by.

    The animal kingdom represented by especially by the birds fly freely throughout the tranquil garden – singing joyously and delivering spiritual messages as they go by. Linda sets the scene superbly describing how nature’s gifts are abundantly all around.

    It is here that the listener can HEAL, truly relax & obtain inner peace. It is in this treasure chest given by Mother Nature, which the listener can embrace the colour pallet of nature’s glories and obtain the state of utter relaxation they truly seek to escort their concerns and stresses totally away.

    For those already acquainted with Linda Jarrett’s work – this track especially is a magnificent example of what Linda does best – putting all her Energy into a tool which will enhance the well-being of others. Marcella – Surrey- September 2014

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alice Stanley

    The Garden of relaxation CD offers a lovely selection of short meditations suitable for anyone who just wants to lose themselves for a brief moment or maybe a little longer. The soothing tones of Linda’s gentle voice helps you to escape from the business of the day and allows you to recharge your batteries whilst you relax in the tranquil settings to which she guides you. If you have never meditated before this CD is an ideal opportunity to introduce yourself to the benefits that come from allowing yourself to relax”. Julie Griffiths

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