Balance Affirmation Cream & Guided Meditation Offer

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Spring Time Special Offer



Balance Affirmation Cream & Guided Meditation Offer

For only £19.99 including postage and packaging you can receive both.


Special Easter Time offerSpecial Easter Time Offer

This month I am offering you the Affirmation Cream Balance and the CD or MP3 for Temple of Golden Light – which includes the meditation to connect you with the main Temple of Golden Light, in the etheric over Istanbul, Turkey. Start your mediation practice today and create the balance in your life you are looking for.

BALANCE: Essential Oils of Rose, Geranium Rose and Frankincense connecting you to ISTANBUL TURKEY Temple of Golden Light

Balance Affirmation Cream when you need to be balanced, when we feel out of sorts, this cream will balance all of your chakras/energy centres at once. Enabling you to think clearly, and feel emotionally balanced, helping us to be in control of any situation or circumstance in life. Apply to wrist pulse points twice a day morning and evening and say Affirmation: I am Balanced

Rose oil brings Love, Trust and Self-Acceptance, allowing you with ease and grace to totally love yourself. Rose is the Queen of  flowers, the compassion and love of the flower is revealed through its ability to heal emotional wounds.

Geranium Rose oil brings Calm, Security, and Strength balancing your energy, conveying a feeling of strength, calm and security, allowing us to enjoy life and Let Go.

Frankincense oil brings Tranquility, Peace and a Positive DNA allowing us to release old energy and renew all the cells in your body. Frankincense has amazing psychological and spiritual benefits, whilst healing the body.

Organic Base Cream containing 90/9% organic ingredients including a blend of Olive, Flax and Sunflower oils in addition to Shea and Cocoa butters.

I use only Organic Essential Oils in all my Affirmation Creams.

For only £19.99 including postage and packaging you can receive both.



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