New Affirmation Creams for Well-Being…


New Affirmations CreamsAffirmation Creams for Wellbeing by Linda Jarrett for Well-Being

I have developed 18 Affirmation Creams for Well-Being, to help people to be balanced, heart centred, abundant, grounded, empowered, magical, self-confident, enlightened, allowing one to feel, tranquil, forgive, unblock & release, believe, manifest, to feel inner peace, joy, love, harmony, and see with clarity.

When you focus on thinking positive thoughts you will gain positive experiences, this will help you to be happy and feel supported. The aim of the creams is to help people move forward from thinking negatively to thinking positively. That’s why I have called the creams Affirmation Creams for Well-Being as positive thoughts create positive actions and this creates well-being in all of us. The more you apply the creams the more you invite positive thoughts into your life and will achieve a balanced outlook on life.

The creams will be a positive addition to your life and fit easily into ladies handbags and I’m sure men will find a way of keeping them handy. I have been wonderfully surprised as to how many men love the creams and are clearly in touch with their feminine side. People can use different creams at different times for different qualities. You can use Earth Star cream with any of the other creams at the same time, as this will give you exactly what you want and allow you to be grounded.

We all know the Power of Positive thinking, we just need to apply this to our everyday lives. The Affirmation Creams for Well-Being bring the Powerful Healing Energies of the many Temples of Golden Light into your life when connecting to any of the Affirmation Creams as each cream connects to a wonderful of Temple of Love and Golden Light. Each cream brings a different aspect of yourself to heal: allowing the different aromas to connect with your senses and give you healing properties just right for you giving you a feeling of wellbeing, balance and know that you are truly supported by the Universe.

You can now listen to two meditations on my homepage.

I hope you can find a cream that suits your needs, if you need any help please Contact Me

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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