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Working Together – Consciously


Working Together Consciously

Read Linda’s article in June 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

We need to be working together on a conscious level, its time now to move forward and unite around the world with all our differences, totally resolved. It stands to reason, if our relationship with our self is not balanced and healthy, how can it be with anyone else? So how can this be achieved?

Balance needs to be on all levels, the mind, the body and the spirit, bringing these bodies together can be done through meditation and mindfulness, as this will give you positive thoughts and positive thoughts make for positive minds and healthy bodies, once learnt its an easy process to achieve. We also need to eat healthily and exercise but most importantly relax our bodies regularly. Being mindful of what we eat and how we exercise is very important, as our body is our temple. Then we will achieve balance and be able to consciously work with other people instead of letting others get to us. Inner work is an important part of life, the more you work with your heart the more your heart will expand, awaken  and open.

Everything on planet earth is in a constant state of change, we must learn to live with the ebb and flow of life, just like our seasons. We need to honour mother earth, as we live on a feminine planet, we need to allow her to nurture us fully into her loving arms. When we let go of trying to control our lives by thinking about what we need the universe provides for us, sometimes in unexpected and surprising ways. By connecting with mother earth you connect with the universe.

Working on a conscious level means working from your heart and not your head, nothing else matters. When you can do this and connect fully with earth, the universe and your spirituality or universal consciousness, will become a bridge between heaven and earth. You become a bridge of light yourself and each step you take on earth will anchor further light on earth from heaven. At this point you will develop conscious awareness, of all beings humans and animals, in a balanced way, and they will reflect to you the love that you put into your inner self through your own journey of truth, as you live more from your heart centre.

Its important to see everyone as your family and not just your immediate family. To love yourself first is very important then you will love others easily. After all we are all living here together breathing in the same air, so why not consider others, their feelings and thoughts. Its time to show loving kindness and compassion. To connect with the earth, sky, oceans, mountains and the sun, be happy, be grateful for the pleasures in life, and Let Go.

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Linda has just released a new Meditation Cd/MP3 : Temples of Golden Light Meditations II – you can listen to a track here. To Purchase a CD or MP3.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x


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The Spring Equinox, The Temples of Golden Light, with Linda Jarrett

The Spring Equinox is coming…


spring equinox yellow flowersThe Spring Equinox is on Sunday 20th March. This is a wonderful time of year as we see daffodils, narcissus and Iris’s to name a few delightful flowers that spring up at this time of the year. So time to kick off the winter blues and maybe get out in to your garden and do some digging and planting too. Flowers, trees and bushes start to blossom everywhere at this time, so spend some time in nature. Get out and have that walk that you have been thinking about since last week. Begin to cleanse yourself of the cobwebs of winter and feel the sunny radiance of spring in all its glory. It is important for us to have a good relationship with nature as the higher up we raise our vibration the more important it is to be grounded, so get those walking shoes on and go for a walk in nature. Set your intention on what you would like to manifest this year, possibly whilst walking, ask the Rainbow Angels to help you to create your abundance, explain why you want your abundance and ask the universe to help you with this. A good temple to connect with to ask for your abundance is Athens, Greece, Temple of Golden Light.

There are many portals of light opening on our lovely planet at the moment, this means that more light is coming down from source. Your cellular memory holding old negative energy will be clearing whether you like it or not. This will cause mood swings, crying, feeling upset, headaches, feeling nauseas and you feeling generally out of sorts. We are moving towards the fifth dimension, some of you be in the fifth, sixth and seventh at the moment. Those of you that have done a lot of work in the past on this will not feel the change so much. So try to rest and do things that you enjoy, and this will pass.

It’s also the time of year that we start to think about going on holiday for those of you that have not visited anywhere already. We had a long weekend in Wales recently staying with friends, and I have aligned my friend Jude’s barn that is on her land, to the Snowdonia Wales animal healing Temple of Golden light and the energy of St. Francis of Assisi. So if anyone has a animal that is poorly please email ask me and I will give you Jude’s email address. Or you can ask me and I will personally send healing to your loving animal.

Myself and Chris are off to Dublin at the end of this month March and I will connect with the Irish Temple of golden Light in the etheric over the sacred site called New grange outside Dublin. I need to connect with the temple and clear the energy below, for the temple to shine its light in this area. I am doing the same in Athens, Greece in April. I do seem to have much work these days for clearing the energy below the temples, sometimes there is a build up of negativity over cities so it needs to be cleared, and it is also lovely to visit many cities.

Love and Golden Light,
Linda x

Next month I am running a Temple of Golden Light workshop on Sunday 4th April 2016 – we will be connecting with the Egyptian Temple of Golden Light.

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Thought for the day by Linda Jarrett

Picture of a beautiful tree in lush green pasture

Tomorrow is another day, when you can try again, be patience and you will succeed.

My next Temple of Golden Light Workshop will be held on:

Sunday 16th March /Temple of Golden Light Workshop

The Main Hall, Angmering Community Centre,
Foxwood Avenue, Angmering West Sussex, BN16 4FU

Time: 10.00am until 1pm Cost £35

To book a place on this workshop go to shop

You can now listen and download my Unicorn Meditation CD  @cdbaby


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Thought for the day with Linda Jarrett

Thought for the day

Be content with what you have, count your Blessings and more Blessings will come along.

The next Temple of Golden Light workshop is going to be on Sunday 17th March 2014.

I will be attending several Holistic & Mystic events next year, for a full listing view Diary of events

I also hold a monthly meditation group in West Sussex if you would like to join contact us.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x


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