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Wake Up and Love Yourself

Wake Up and Love Yourself

with Linda Jarrett

Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light

Read Linda’s article in November 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

Wake up and love yourself: There is only one you, you are special and unique, there is actually no-one else exactly the same as you, even twins when born are not exactly the same although similar looking, their own personalities are different. Everyone’s story is unique, as we all seem to choose varied life journeys. The point I am making is really you need to love yourself, no matter what you have been through, whether you have been right or wrong as God loves everyone no matter what they have done. Of course there is karma what goes around comes around as this is the Law of the Universe.

We are here to ultimately be of service and help one another, in loving yourself you will then easily love others. Forgiving yourself will help you to forgive other people that have hurt or harmed you in your life. Obviously there are times when we need boundaries, but in truth if you trust the universe then the universe will allow you and help you to have boundaries, and give you time for yourself. For example if someone rings you and you miss that call then you were not meant to answer the call, or someone wants to meet up with you and you are delayed and miss them, then you were not meant to meet up. Trust the Universe to guide and look after you.

Try to look for the little things in life, a simple gesture can so often mean more than an expensive gift – a smile when you’re sad, a flower from a stranger, a child’s laugh. How liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right address, or have a fabulous car. Basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance are priceless, use these tools properly, one step at a time, and the universe will answer all of your questions and guide you.

Affirmations can be powerful tools also, so repeat often, I am balanced; I am Abundant; I am Love; I am Peaceful; I Forgive; I am Magical; I am Heart Centred; I am Empowered; I Believe; I Manifest; I feel Tranquility; I see with Clarity; I am Joyful; I Unblock and Release; I am Self-Confident; I am Grounded; I feel Harmony; I am Enlightened. I have created Affirmation Creams to help people change from negative thinking to positive thinking, the creams connect to the powerful Temples of Golden Light that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth all around the world to help humanity and planet earth raise her vibration.

Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity. Always remember, life is a classroom for you to learn life’s lessons. Your happy vibes will raise the vibration of everyone around you.

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Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Universal Love Energy

Universal Love Energy

(As published in Sibyl Magazine)

By Linda Jarrett

Universal Love Energy

The knowledge of the universe is already within you, have you ever thought of that?  We are given this knowledge at birth, once we do inner work on ourselves our light shines through much more clearly. Set your goals and dream big, have no fear just be careful what you ask for, you need to be clear and positive that this is what you want. Look wait and listen to all those little signs around you, the universe is amazing and will give you just what you want and at the right time.

How do you do this? Trust, Accept and Surrender, it’s easy, just get your little self out of the way and see the bigger picture, connect with mother earth through meditation or contemplation or taking a walk in nature. Connect with our loving universe, feel our planet earth, the oceans, nature, the mountains, the stars, then you will be inspired. There is enough universal love energy for everyone on our plant earth. Ask and you will receive, just tell the universe what you need or want or wish for and why and watch doors open for you. Be open to sometimes unexpected opportunites, the universe can be surprising!  So expect the unexpected!

Humanity and you can be absolutely amazing, don’t dream your life, live your dream. Life is too short to be any other way, live Now for today, and take each step as it comes. Open yourself up to infinite possibilities, as nothing is impossible, all you need is to get your head around being magnificent.

We are spiritual beings blessed with wisdom, intelligence, and abundance, we just need to tap into the knowledge of who we are.

The universe will respond to your positivity and help direct you towards your dream, so enjoy the journey. Mix with positive people that strive to be successful, but in a different way to yourself, we are all breathing in the same air so why not help each other succeed, lets work together in unity and harmony.

Believe in yourself, acknowledge your magnificence of who your are, step into your beauty and grace. You can do and create whatever you wish for, remember who you are a being of pure infinite light ultimately, living your life here on earth to the best of your ability, so realise your inner potential. Be it, feel it, know it, be strong in your belief and power of loving kindness and compassion towards yourself. You can connect through meditation and your sleeptime with the 144 Goddess Temples of Golden Light that I have channelled that have been placed around the world in the etheric of mother earth. The temples of goldenlight will help you achieve your goals, they will help you create your abundance, give you clarity, and show you the way.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Working Together – Consciously


Working Together Consciously

Read Linda’s article in June 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

We need to be working together on a conscious level, its time now to move forward and unite around the world with all our differences, totally resolved. It stands to reason, if our relationship with our self is not balanced and healthy, how can it be with anyone else? So how can this be achieved?

Balance needs to be on all levels, the mind, the body and the spirit, bringing these bodies together can be done through meditation and mindfulness, as this will give you positive thoughts and positive thoughts make for positive minds and healthy bodies, once learnt its an easy process to achieve. We also need to eat healthily and exercise but most importantly relax our bodies regularly. Being mindful of what we eat and how we exercise is very important, as our body is our temple. Then we will achieve balance and be able to consciously work with other people instead of letting others get to us. Inner work is an important part of life, the more you work with your heart the more your heart will expand, awaken  and open.

Everything on planet earth is in a constant state of change, we must learn to live with the ebb and flow of life, just like our seasons. We need to honour mother earth, as we live on a feminine planet, we need to allow her to nurture us fully into her loving arms. When we let go of trying to control our lives by thinking about what we need the universe provides for us, sometimes in unexpected and surprising ways. By connecting with mother earth you connect with the universe.

Working on a conscious level means working from your heart and not your head, nothing else matters. When you can do this and connect fully with earth, the universe and your spirituality or universal consciousness, will become a bridge between heaven and earth. You become a bridge of light yourself and each step you take on earth will anchor further light on earth from heaven. At this point you will develop conscious awareness, of all beings humans and animals, in a balanced way, and they will reflect to you the love that you put into your inner self through your own journey of truth, as you live more from your heart centre.

Its important to see everyone as your family and not just your immediate family. To love yourself first is very important then you will love others easily. After all we are all living here together breathing in the same air, so why not consider others, their feelings and thoughts. Its time to show loving kindness and compassion. To connect with the earth, sky, oceans, mountains and the sun, be happy, be grateful for the pleasures in life, and Let Go.

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Love and Golden Light

Linda x


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Love is all there is…

Affirmation Cream I am Love

Tajal Mahal, Agra. A Temple of Love. My New Affirmation Cream “I am Love” connects you with this Temple in the etheric over Agra.

You may wonder why I have chosen this theme this month but I feel it’s important as human beings to love everyone whether you can of course is a different matter! It takes practice to not be annoyed or irritated by other people’s behaviour, opinions or circumstances but trust me it’s well worth the wait. The main reason we are born on to this planet is to learn about love, that is the reason why we are here. But to some people it’s very difficult, well to most people it’s difficult, but once you have mastered this quality then you will find your inner peace.

Love is the key to humanity, once we learn this important fact, how different do you think living on this planet will be? No more worries, anxieties, fear, anger, jealousy or resentment just love, happiness, joy, contentment and peace. I’m not saying go along with everyone or everything, because there are times when you need to speak your own divine truth, and times when you need to make unpleasant decisions all I’m saying is do it with love and compassion. There is a different energy behind words and actions when you do everything from the point of love. Life becomes easier, less complicated when you do things for other people instead of always yourself, if its difficult then you are making it difficult, so simplify your life and put boundaries in place. Set boundaries so people know and respect you for the person you truly are.

While you maybe spending more time indoors because of the cold or heat depending on where you live around the world, think about how you would like to be treated yourself? We really do need to treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves, always with kindness, love and grace. This starts from childhood if you were treated unkindly then that’s all you will know and you may treat others the same way. If this is the case then please change that pattern consciously, as we as human beings are very good at getting stuck in patterns, and sometimes we can go around and around in circles doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts and getting stuck in patterns. So break the pattern by talking to yourself or by writing notes, or by singing to yourself but make the change now.

All we need is love sung by the Beatles back in the sixties, was amazing and  actually never a true word has been spoken. And if you think about it all songs are generally written about love, so practice loving yourself first and then you will find it easy to love others. Try it today, tomorrow, or next week and see for yourself.

Do love, be love, think love.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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