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Words of Love by Avtar Singh

Universal love

Words of Love by 

Love is God, God is Love.
Lord Jesus Christ
Love is absence of judgement.
H. H. Dalai Lama

Love is a bridge between You and everything.
 H. H. Rumi

For me too, after truth, Love is God and it is as old as God. God loved us that is why He created every human being in His own image and we were made temple of Living God.
Apart from it, through the Grace of God, the sole reason of our physical existence in this world is to Love because our Parents loved each other and we were born.

Keeping apart our meditation, worship and other ritual ceremonies, only Love towards God can pave our way towards Eternal Salvation.

Love can never be categorised as conditional or unconditional because the very word unconditional is in fact conditional because when we say that Love should be Unconditional, is not it a Condition itself ?

In spite of it Love is beyond any judgement and its depth and vastness can never ever be measured e.g. a loving mom will never be able to tell how much she loves her kids, because she may say that she loves her kids, very much, fully or wholeheartedly but she will never be able to quantify her love towards her kids.
We should love our fellow beings with the same faith and passion as we love to God because God is omnipresent in all beings and He too created all beings with His Divine Love towards them, irrespective of their Religion, Race, Country, Culture, Gender etc.
Above all, God is related with our Souls only and in His Divine Eyes, that’s no difference of a male or a female because Soul has no Gender. Whosoever, will Love God, God will respond with countless times more Love towards such Soul.
As God has blessed every soul with a loving heart, let’s love each other first so that we may be able to make God happy and then let us Love to God also. Our Love towards God should be a reflection of our Love towards our fellow beings.
Amen !!

This was send in from Avtar Singh and I wanted to share it with you. A message we can all relate to.

Love and Golden Light,

Linda x


Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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Love and Logic

Love and Logic

love and logic

Love and Logic: Interestingly I was thinking  of a quote by the Dalai Lama, the other day, the quote being (Western women will save the world). So I started to think, why did he say this? I realised that we have, computers, technology, education, laws of equality, we create inspiration in others, we know how to network successfully, we have the english language, we work to earn money often raising a family at the same time, and we can really love with our hearts and are intelligent by using our logic.


The Dalai Lama knows that we could save the world or rather we will save the world by our compassion, our love and logic, it makes sense doesn’t it? How wonderful is that, he simply knows by our love and logic that it is western women that will save the world. So come on ladies think how can you change the world, how can you change your life to help others, to be of service and earn a living at the same time. How can you to be at peace, be respected, be inspired, and be heard.


Certainly food for thought, so do not feel put down by others that you may encounter in the work place because you are a woman. Be strong, be proud, feel honoured that you can and will change our world. For too long we as females have suffered, I mean by this on a worldly scale, so time for some change, don’t you think. Don’t get me wrong please, some of the opposite sex are wonderful, intelligent, gentle, understanding, compassionate, kind individuals but unfortunately not all. So lets start to show love and logic and use our talents to change what we can in our world. Be it something really small that we can be proud of.


Life is short, so make the most of your time here, realise that you are the creator of your own destiny by your thoughts. Realise that it is up to you to change your life by way of your own thinking. Be positive, be responsible, and the universe will listen, understand the Laws of Attraction as we mirror others and others mirrorus. Try to rise above lower vibrational situations, and take the higher road as you know it makes a lot more sense.


Be yourself in all ways, but do no harm to others as this will re-bound on you and bounce back. Do not create any negative karma only allow good actions, good speech, good karma and all will be well in your life. So think how can you as western women save the world. You may feel this is not possible but I can assure you that it is very possible.

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Wake Up and Love Yourself

Wake Up and Love Yourself

with Linda Jarrett

Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light

Read Linda’s article in November 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

Wake up and love yourself: There is only one you, you are special and unique, there is actually no-one else exactly the same as you, even twins when born are not exactly the same although similar looking, their own personalities are different. Everyone’s story is unique, as we all seem to choose varied life journeys. The point I am making is really you need to love yourself, no matter what you have been through, whether you have been right or wrong as God loves everyone no matter what they have done. Of course there is karma what goes around comes around as this is the Law of the Universe.

We are here to ultimately be of service and help one another, in loving yourself you will then easily love others. Forgiving yourself will help you to forgive other people that have hurt or harmed you in your life. Obviously there are times when we need boundaries, but in truth if you trust the universe then the universe will allow you and help you to have boundaries, and give you time for yourself. For example if someone rings you and you miss that call then you were not meant to answer the call, or someone wants to meet up with you and you are delayed and miss them, then you were not meant to meet up. Trust the Universe to guide and look after you.

Try to look for the little things in life, a simple gesture can so often mean more than an expensive gift – a smile when you’re sad, a flower from a stranger, a child’s laugh. How liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right address, or have a fabulous car. Basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance are priceless, use these tools properly, one step at a time, and the universe will answer all of your questions and guide you.

Affirmations can be powerful tools also, so repeat often, I am balanced; I am Abundant; I am Love; I am Peaceful; I Forgive; I am Magical; I am Heart Centred; I am Empowered; I Believe; I Manifest; I feel Tranquility; I see with Clarity; I am Joyful; I Unblock and Release; I am Self-Confident; I am Grounded; I feel Harmony; I am Enlightened. I have created Affirmation Creams to help people change from negative thinking to positive thinking, the creams connect to the powerful Temples of Golden Light that have been placed in the etheric of Mother Earth all around the world to help humanity and planet earth raise her vibration.

Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity. Always remember, life is a classroom for you to learn life’s lessons. Your happy vibes will raise the vibration of everyone around you.

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Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Universal Love Energy

Universal Love Energy

(As published in Sibyl Magazine)

By Linda Jarrett

Universal Love Energy

The knowledge of the universe is already within you, have you ever thought of that?  We are given this knowledge at birth, once we do inner work on ourselves our light shines through much more clearly. Set your goals and dream big, have no fear just be careful what you ask for, you need to be clear and positive that this is what you want. Look wait and listen to all those little signs around you, the universe is amazing and will give you just what you want and at the right time.

How do you do this? Trust, Accept and Surrender, it’s easy, just get your little self out of the way and see the bigger picture, connect with mother earth through meditation or contemplation or taking a walk in nature. Connect with our loving universe, feel our planet earth, the oceans, nature, the mountains, the stars, then you will be inspired. There is enough universal love energy for everyone on our plant earth. Ask and you will receive, just tell the universe what you need or want or wish for and why and watch doors open for you. Be open to sometimes unexpected opportunites, the universe can be surprising!  So expect the unexpected!

Humanity and you can be absolutely amazing, don’t dream your life, live your dream. Life is too short to be any other way, live Now for today, and take each step as it comes. Open yourself up to infinite possibilities, as nothing is impossible, all you need is to get your head around being magnificent.

We are spiritual beings blessed with wisdom, intelligence, and abundance, we just need to tap into the knowledge of who we are.

The universe will respond to your positivity and help direct you towards your dream, so enjoy the journey. Mix with positive people that strive to be successful, but in a different way to yourself, we are all breathing in the same air so why not help each other succeed, lets work together in unity and harmony.

Believe in yourself, acknowledge your magnificence of who your are, step into your beauty and grace. You can do and create whatever you wish for, remember who you are a being of pure infinite light ultimately, living your life here on earth to the best of your ability, so realise your inner potential. Be it, feel it, know it, be strong in your belief and power of loving kindness and compassion towards yourself. You can connect through meditation and your sleeptime with the 144 Goddess Temples of Golden Light that I have channelled that have been placed around the world in the etheric of mother earth. The temples of goldenlight will help you achieve your goals, they will help you create your abundance, give you clarity, and show you the way.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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