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(As published in More to Life Magazine/ digital and physical magazine)

By Linda Jarrett

As we all know Life can be absolutely amazing or absolutely awful, usually somewhere in between, the highs and lows can feel like a roller coaster leaving us feeling breathless and unsteady and yet there is no doubt that everything we experience is a huge learning curve – of course, we only realise this as we get older, (one of the few benefits we get in our later years), when we have learnt to navigate our way through life’s challenges a little better.

Wisdom comes from knowing how to handle life’s lessons. If we are good students the lesson can be plain sailing but if we are stubborn, or allow our egos to persuade us we are in charge, we can find ourselves in stormy seas.

Over the years, I have learnt to take in 3 deep breaths and make the sound of ‘Ohm’ which calms me down immediately. Breathe in new energy and breathe out old energy and then start all over again. It works, try it – I know, I’ve practised it a lot.

People who live ‘happy lives’ are not necessarily blessed with abundance, success, love or wealth but they have been blessed with the gift of peaceful- ness and perseverance, of being able to appreciate the good things – gratitude is an important ingredient in the recipe for happiness. It sounds so simple doesn’t it? But it is true. Focus on the good stuff and more will arrive.

If this feels a long way off for you, it might be an idea to do some inner work; meditation, mindful- ness, yoga etc can help lift your vibration into a healthier space for your future and pave the way to developing your spiritual understanding of the world, in particular the spiritual laws of the uni- verse.

The Law of Attraction for example says that by telling the universe what you want, it will happen. The secret is to let go of your ego and trust in the Universe.

A simple shift in attitude can help us remain bal- anced, centred and calm in every event, no matter what the outcome. By having the right mindset, joy and happiness can be our constant companions. Trust the universe to guide and help you in all you do. The universe is often a troublesome and unnerv- ing place and human beings tend to be set to a negative default.

So, by making the most of your opportunities, by looking closely and recognizing when a ‘lesson’ presents itself you can create a world of positivity and abundance. Sometimes the lessons come from our families, often in the most surprising and unex- pected ways. By seeing these lessons as gifts from the Universe, we can learn to be forgiving, tolerant and patient with our ‘teachers’ and avoid so much conflict and disharmony.

We are all here breathing in the same air so why not be happy and content with your lot? Put the material stuff to one side and try to make sense of your life. Peace will truly follow. A simple gesture can so often mean more than an expensive gift – a smile when you’re sad, a flower from a stranger, a child’s laugh. How liberating it would be if we didn’t feel the need to be rich enough, pretty enough, trendy enough, have the right postcode, have a fab car…

Basic qualities of kindness, compassion, understanding, consideration, patience and tolerance are priceless – use these tools properly, one step at a time and the universe will answer all questions and guide you.

Affirmations can also be powerful tools I recommend you repeat often:

I am Balanced; I am Abundant; I am Love;I am Peaceful; I Forgive; I am Magical; I am Heart Centred; I am Empowered; I Believe; I Manifest; I feel Tranquil;I see with Clarity; I am Joyful; I Unblock and Release; I am Self-Confident; I am Grounded; I feel Harmony; I am Enlightened.

Do your very best each day, try to be happy, be grateful for your blessings, be honest and have integrity.

Always remember, life is a classroom in which to learn.

Your happy vibes will raise the vibration of everyone around you. 
Love and Golden Light,

Linda x


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As Published in: Sibyl Magazine

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Love is Empowering

Love is Empowering, with Linda Jarrett

Love is Empowering article by Linda Jarrett

Read Linda’s article in April’s 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

Believe that your thoughts create your reality, change your thoughts and this changes your reality as the universe listens. Help yourself and use positive affirmations daily, you can say to yourself, I am abundant, I am balanced, I am heart centred, I feel inner peace, I see with clarity, I forgive, I am self-confident, I manifest, I feel harmony, I am joy, I believe, I feel tranquillity, I am grounded, I am magical, I unblock and release all negativity, I feel enlightened, or I am empowered. You can empower yourself by the choices you make, it is always easier to be positive rather than negative, why make life difficult!

When faced with a difficult decision, take the easiest option, as life is too short to have regrets, why self-sabotage. Unfortunately many people do this but why? We should be happy and helpful to one another as human beings but sometimes life programmes people to act differently, so in this situation, change your thoughts, change your reality and the universe listens to those with true hearts.

Love your life, love can be empowering, so be in control of your choices, your actions, and your words, and mainly be in control of your thoughts, as your thoughts will create your reality. Always try to be positive and constructive, have courage, and strength, speak with integrity and truth and be in your own power and not somebody else’s.

I was very shy when I was young, but I learnt as I grew older that its important to  stand up for what you believe to be right and speak the truth. I honestly think that if you do not speak up at certain times in your life, situations will not change. But if you love yourself enough to speak with truth and integrity then you can change your life, yourself and others around you. Be strong, be brave, be honest, be empowered with love for yourself. Do not let other people take advantage of you because you are good natured or sympathetic or kind.

Empower yourself by loving yourself first, by this I do not mean be selfish, but take time to nourish your own self before those around you, as there will always be people that take advantage of you. Its different if you are a mother then of course your children come first unless they are older children then you need boundaries to be put in place. Always love yourself first then its easier to love other people. Love is the key to life, what you give out is always mirrored back to you. Believe in yourself, believe that your thoughts create your reality, change your thoughts and this will change your reality.  When love empowers you the universe listens by this I mean love yourself first.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Love and Gratitude

By Linda Jarrett

Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light

Read Linda’s article in March 2017 issue of Sibyl Magazine

Life can be easy or difficult this depends on your own life experiences and how you choose to be. You can choose to be a drama queen but that does not mean you will get what you want, its more likely you won’t get what you want because along the way you will annoy people and they will want to distance themselves from you. Patience is a virtue and so is gratitude, being humble is far more of a spiritual way of being. Be grateful for everything and everyone that you meet in your life, for what you have got and not what you have not got. There is always someone whose cup is half empty and not half full, but you do not need to be like them, be different and stand out from the crowd.

Being filled with gratitude is so humbling, thank everyone for what they do and even what they don’t do and smile as smiles go a long way, be happy because life is too short. And even if you believe in re-incarnation you will only live this lifetime once as you this person right now, so why not make the most of it. The most important time of the day is when you take time to love yourself as well as those around you, if you can love yourself then loving others is much easier.

We as human beings get stuck in patterns, we can easily go around and around in circles in our minds. So take some time to breathe and enjoy life, its time to take a day out of life and smell the roses, to wake up to the joys of daily living. Life is for living and not remembering anything negative from the past or daily re-living the past. You must Let it Go as life moves along with or without you. Enjoy life and sometimes the smallest of things will make you happy and smile. The more you give out happiness and be grateful the more you will get out of life. Be a mirror reflecting happiness and gratitude back to people you meet every day.

Meditation and mindfulness can help you make the transformation into being a less stressed and much nicer person to be around, meditation helps you to be calm, giving you clarity, bringing peace, harmony, comfort and reassurance. I am a meditation teacher and have found much inspiration, insight and tranquil contemplation through meditation.

Believe in yourself, have self-confidence and trust you are in the right place and at the right time, Trust, Surrender and Accept these are also key qualities to have in your life along with Love and Gratitude.

Be Love, Think love, Do Love by this I mean always Love Yourself and then its easy to Love Others.

Love and Gratitude,

Linda x


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Find Inner Peace and Love Yourself

Inner Peace and Love Yourself
Linda Jarrett Temples of golden Light

Finding Inner Peace sounds easy but it can be difficult as the days seem shorter because time has speeded up and life seems more complicated than it used to be, and this can cause much stress. So simplify your life, make things easy, and take one day at a time, as simplifying your life will create inner peace and harmony.

Have acceptance of others, their behaviour, their views, their looks, as this will give you inner peace and calm instead of anger and resentment. When you accept other people for who they are then you will feel a stillness inside of you. This does not mean give up or put up with, but know that you will be able to change any situation by your calm approach. Getting stressed does us no good at all, so why do it in the first place all it does is make us think emotionally and irrationally. You cannot change those around you but you certainly can change yourself so start by loving yourself. Let go of the past, old patterning, old ways of thinking, old programming, and start to be your authentic self, the real you.

Forgive others as forgiving others is very important as you cannot move forward if you are always living in the past, equally do not live in the future either. When you forgive others its make it so much easier to forgive yourself for what you did or did not do last year or many years ago. Try to live from day to day in a calm grounded way. Do not give way to distractions, keep to what you had originally planned for that day that way you will feel as if you have made progress and achieved something. So live in the present moment, live Now.

Enjoy life make it pleasurable, do what you enjoy doing, whether that’s yoga, going to the gym, singing in a choir, drawing, painting, meditating, going for a walk in nature, visiting a family member or neighbour or anything else that you enjoy, do it as this will give immense pleasure.Take time for you time to love yourself. Do not do anything in a hurry, be still, be quiet, be calm. Be happy do not do things that make you sad, or if you need to do something sad see the good in the sadness and lift up your spirits by thinking positive thoughts.

Inner Peace or inner calmness refers to a state of being mentally and spiritually. Inner Peace brings serenity, calmness, balance, harmony and stillness of mind. You will be stress free if you live life simply, accept, forgive, enjoy life and to keep you in this frame of mind meditate or go for a walk in nature.

So – bring towards you Inner Peace and Love Yourself always.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x


Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light, Inner Peace

Read Linda’s article in December 2016 issue of Sibyl Magazine

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