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Universal Love Energy

Universal Love Energy

(As published in Sibyl Magazine)

By Linda Jarrett

Universal Love Energy

The knowledge of the universe is already within you, have you ever thought of that?  We are given this knowledge at birth, once we do inner work on ourselves our light shines through much more clearly. Set your goals and dream big, have no fear just be careful what you ask for, you need to be clear and positive that this is what you want. Look wait and listen to all those little signs around you, the universe is amazing and will give you just what you want and at the right time.

How do you do this? Trust, Accept and Surrender, it’s easy, just get your little self out of the way and see the bigger picture, connect with mother earth through meditation or contemplation or taking a walk in nature. Connect with our loving universe, feel our planet earth, the oceans, nature, the mountains, the stars, then you will be inspired. There is enough universal love energy for everyone on our plant earth. Ask and you will receive, just tell the universe what you need or want or wish for and why and watch doors open for you. Be open to sometimes unexpected opportunites, the universe can be surprising!  So expect the unexpected!

Humanity and you can be absolutely amazing, don’t dream your life, live your dream. Life is too short to be any other way, live Now for today, and take each step as it comes. Open yourself up to infinite possibilities, as nothing is impossible, all you need is to get your head around being magnificent.

We are spiritual beings blessed with wisdom, intelligence, and abundance, we just need to tap into the knowledge of who we are.

The universe will respond to your positivity and help direct you towards your dream, so enjoy the journey. Mix with positive people that strive to be successful, but in a different way to yourself, we are all breathing in the same air so why not help each other succeed, lets work together in unity and harmony.

Believe in yourself, acknowledge your magnificence of who your are, step into your beauty and grace. You can do and create whatever you wish for, remember who you are a being of pure infinite light ultimately, living your life here on earth to the best of your ability, so realise your inner potential. Be it, feel it, know it, be strong in your belief and power of loving kindness and compassion towards yourself. You can connect through meditation and your sleeptime with the 144 Goddess Temples of Golden Light that I have channelled that have been placed around the world in the etheric of mother earth. The temples of goldenlight will help you achieve your goals, they will help you create your abundance, give you clarity, and show you the way.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Love Your Life by Linda Jarrett

Love Your Life

by Linda Jarrett

(as published in Sibyl Magazine/ April 2016)

Linda Jarrett and the Temples of Golden Light

Read Linda’s article in April’s 2016 issue of Sibyl Magazine

I know this can be difficult for some people but in essence we are what we have created by the choices we have made in life. Or the choices we did not make but know that we should of made! Your life is up to or down to you! No-one else just simply you, so no point blaming other people because it is not their fault but yours.

So if you do not like your life then change it, no use suffering quietly and hoping that someone else will change it for you as usually we have to change things our selves. Where there is a will there is always a way. If you need help then pray to God/Goddess, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or whoever you wish to. So long as you connect with the light and love of source then ask for help, divine guidance, strength and protection. Ask for your Abundance, just say what you wish to use your Abundance for believe it or not we are here to be happy and loved. Okay we sometimes need to learn lessons in life and gain experience. But learn the lesson and move on from it do not dwell on it and get depressed and then end up getting everyone else around you depressed too.

Move on and start to see life through positive eyes, through happiness. Make the little things in life count because that’s where the real joy of life is, not what you have in the way of money, possessions, or property. Learn to really love yourself then you will be able to love everyone else and small blessings in life will mean so much more to you. Treasure moments of peace, as this will give you a huge amount of contentment. Balance your life with what you love to do, any hobbies like walking, meditation, singing, painting, and dancing, use your creative nature this will help your inner child and heal all areas of your life that may be in disharmony.

Love your life, totally and completely enjoy what you do in life be proud of your achievements. Always work with integrity, honour and love. Do not fight against your situation or circumstances, Trust Accept and Surrender then you will go with the flow of life, and you will find peace. After all the universe knows what you are best at doing as the universe knows you. To help you with this, meditation is a wonderful practice because you use both sides of your brain  your left side and right side of your brain this will balance you, helping you to let go of any negativity and emotions. So if you are not happy please think about changing your situation or circumstances. Make the best of your life and learn to love yourself, and most importantly be happy.

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Garden of Relaxation CD Cover

Garden of Relaxation cd by Linda Jarrett

This is the cover for my new Meditation Cd coming out later in the year.

These meditations weave together, guided visualization by spoken word, colour, soft background music and musical tones, to help you on a journey of light, and healing. Thereby helping you to raise your vibration and let go of old stuck energy, and to welcome in new positive energy, through embracing change within.

We all need to rest and recharge due to life’s demands on us, meditation is a simply way of relaxing the mind, body and soul,

Linda takes you through the meditations easily step by step, she helps you relax deeply and naturally, by gently guiding you through each meditation. Suitable for beginners as well as advanced meditators

We are all interconnected through vibration, when we learn to live together as one unity consciousness, we will live in peace and harmony. Uniting as one heart, will connect us to our beautiful planet earth and this universe.

Love and Golden Light
Linda x

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