Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration

We all know how important our senses are in creating our mood and wellbeing that’s why Linda Jarrett has created The Temple of Golden Light Affirmation Creams for Well Being.

Each cream is powerfully created using aromatherapy oils, to help connect you to your own healing experience through the Temple of Golden Light. Combined with guided meditations together they create a holistic experience, and help you raise your vibration, increasing upliftment through your senses. There are 144 Temples of Golden Light, Awaken, Shift and Love Yourself.  (Available in Paperback and eBook. To purchase visit: www.templeogoldenlight.co.uk

All the temples are sacred and connect to source, they are also surrounded by the Rainbow Angels who are able to help you clear all chakras.

To accompany the special Affirmation Creams, you can now combine this with a guided meditation CD or MP3 to connect you to your own personal place of love and harmony. Linda created her beautiful guided meditations with the beautiful sound healing music of Shirlie Roden.

To purchase visit: www.templeogoldenlight.com



Raise Your Vibration with Linda Jarrett

Soul and Spirit Magazine May 2018

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Bare your Soul in Truth & Honesty

Bare Your Soul in Truth and Honesty

Bare your soul in Truth and Honesty

It takes real soul work to bare your soul in truth and honesty, and to let the light shine from your heart, so put all your fears to one side, release and let them go now, be strong and stand in your own power. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen and in order to find the real you inside, something wonderful will always happen, when the time is right.

Appreciate all that has happened to you with a joyful heart, knowing that this was your pathway in life. Your journey is personal and unique to you, every one’s pathway is different, some people choose really difficult lives, and this takes a lot of courage and strength to get through. But in order to get back to Source/God you need to realise your own feelings and thoughts, then you will understand others.

Everything happens for a reason, trust the universe to guide you and steer you in the right direction, to help you realise your true happiness, and be peaceful as this will give you health and happiness. Always remember if sunshine comes after rain, the most beautiful smile comes after tears. Sometimes we need to come to terms with ourselves and our life, we need to question ourselves, are we doing the right thing, are we treating other people with respect, are we achieving our goals, our desires, are we being honest and truthful, right now this moment.

It’s time for reflection and change within, life is a balance of holding on and at the same time letting go of that which you no longer need or want and people naturally do not like to change. So what is it you need to do, to change within, how can you bare your soul in truth and honesty. You need to stop living a lie, that’s the first thing that you do and be honest with yourself, try to find the real you, the authentic you. Do not pretend that you are someone that you are not, real people will prefer the real you. Make the change that you have been thinking of doing, speak your truth, time to be different and embrace change within.

Its not easy to be honest with yourself, to bare your soul to realise that your life needs to change, in fact it takes a good deal of courage, strength, intergrity and determination, but there comes a time when it needs to be done. Sometimes life gives us a shock or a push, a nudge in another direction, and we need to be ready to take a leap of faith, the choice is yours as always. So get ready to bare your soul in truth and honesty and make the change.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x



Visit: www.templeofgoldenlight.com

Spring Time Offer

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Journey of Love and Magic

Journey of Love and Magic

By Linda Jarrett

Published by Sibyl Magazine/March 1st 2018

It is time for everyone on our beautiful planet to wake up and shift energetically, its time to love yourself and others. Gone should be the days of conflict, negativity, poverty, unhappiness and so many other negative happenings. So be mindful, be grateful, be positive, be true, and be kind to yourself. Walk daily in nature this will bring inner peace, balance and harmony into your life.

No matter what has happened to you, try to forgive and love yourself and others. I know everyone has their own story but you really do not need to be living through it over and over again, its happened now let it go please. You need to be moving through and getting past your story and finding yourself in a much happier, healthier, safer, and loving place.

Take time to watch children play, and learn how they believe in magic and having magical days. When the divine spark of love ignites within you, and your spirit blends with the human body, magic happens. We human beings are an amazing creation, created by source from divine love and light. You can achieve anything you want to, if you be like a child and trust in the process of the universe and let go of your own self, your ego. Life then becomes magical, so think like a child and realise the wonder of our beautiful planet and our universe. Connect with the stars in the night sky, connect with mother earth and her seasons, connect with our oceans. All this can be done through meditation and contemplation or even a walk in nature, think magical.

The phrase I wish I had a magic wand is often heard amongst people. So let the magic wand be you and your human mind and body. Wave your magic wand and trust the universe to guide you through your life every day and in every way having magical wonderful days. Trust, surrender and accept everything that has happened to you and let it go now, right now as everything happens for a reason. Usually we have no idea why, except before you were born you would of agreed for whatever reason to go through that experience. But its done now so end of the experience, move on do not keep thinking about it.

Trust in the magical process of the universe in your life, you are not alone you never have been. You have your own guardian angel, who protects you, and your own spirit earth guides and sometimes these spirit earth guides can be your family members in spirit your own ancestors, here to help you. You are deeply loved and cared for far more than you will ever realise and know. So be like a child and have magical days of love.

Love and Golden Light

Linda x

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Words of Love by Avtar Singh

Universal love

Words of Love by 

Love is God, God is Love.
Lord Jesus Christ
Love is absence of judgement.
H. H. Dalai Lama

Love is a bridge between You and everything.
 H. H. Rumi

For me too, after truth, Love is God and it is as old as God. God loved us that is why He created every human being in His own image and we were made temple of Living God.
Apart from it, through the Grace of God, the sole reason of our physical existence in this world is to Love because our Parents loved each other and we were born.

Keeping apart our meditation, worship and other ritual ceremonies, only Love towards God can pave our way towards Eternal Salvation.

Love can never be categorised as conditional or unconditional because the very word unconditional is in fact conditional because when we say that Love should be Unconditional, is not it a Condition itself ?

In spite of it Love is beyond any judgement and its depth and vastness can never ever be measured e.g. a loving mom will never be able to tell how much she loves her kids, because she may say that she loves her kids, very much, fully or wholeheartedly but she will never be able to quantify her love towards her kids.
We should love our fellow beings with the same faith and passion as we love to God because God is omnipresent in all beings and He too created all beings with His Divine Love towards them, irrespective of their Religion, Race, Country, Culture, Gender etc.
Above all, God is related with our Souls only and in His Divine Eyes, that’s no difference of a male or a female because Soul has no Gender. Whosoever, will Love God, God will respond with countless times more Love towards such Soul.
As God has blessed every soul with a loving heart, let’s love each other first so that we may be able to make God happy and then let us Love to God also. Our Love towards God should be a reflection of our Love towards our fellow beings.
Amen !!

This was send in from Avtar Singh and I wanted to share it with you. A message we can all relate to.

Love and Golden Light,

Linda x


Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

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