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Linda Jarrett Temple of golden light affirmation creams

Linda Jarrett Temple of Golden Light Affirmation Creams for Well-Being

NEW Temple of Golden Light

Affirmation Creams for Well-Being

The Temple of Golden Light Creams are divinely scented and with a lovely texture. I find them uplifting and re-balancing emotionally, they help to boost my feelings of positivity and love. They are very special and unique creams. Sophie/West Sussex

I am really delighted to present my new range of Temple of Golden Light Affirmation Creams:

I have created 18 affirmation creams. Each cream comes with an positive affirmation and contains 3 essential oils. The cream will connect you to the energy of an individual Temple of Golden Light and assist your healing and general well being. Each cream comes with its own affirmation alongside the unique combination of essential oils creating a beautiful fragrance for you to enjoy.

For use place a small amount on your pulse points and breathe in the natural aroma. Connect yourself with the affirmation and use throughout the day.

I love visiting the many different Temples of Golden Light in meditation – whilst they are all filled with the most amazing light as their name suggests, each one has a different appearance and energy and provides different insights to me. With so many to choose from, there is always a new Temple to explore, or a familiar one to return to. And the effect after a visit is invariably the same – the Temples of Golden Light bring balance and healing, a sense of peace and harmony to how I feel. Sarah/West Sussex


Abundance – Affirmation: “I am abundant”

  • using the essential oils: rose, lemon and petigrain.
  • This cream connects you with the Temple of Golden Light in Athens, Greece.
  • You can listen to my meditation track on my Temple of Golden Light CD, Titled Athens Temple, Greece for Abundance this will connect you further with the temples and the abundance in your life. ( You can listen to the track from my homepage or buy the cd from my site)

Balance – Affirmation: ” I am balanced” –

  • using essential oils: rose, geranium and frankincense.
  • This cream connects you to the Temple of Golden Light Istanbul, Turkey
  • You can listen to Istanbul, Temple meditation track to enhance your experience of this cream; from my Temple of Golden Light CD.

I have been using the temple of golden light balance cream during a period where the challenges in my life have been difficult. I won’t say that I haven’t got emotional, because I have and that is better out than in. But I believe that with the help of the cream I have been able to keep my feet firmly  on the ground and take these challenges in my stride. Julie, Worthing 

Believe – Affirmation: ” I believe”

Clarity – Affirmation:” I see with clarity”

Earth Star – Affirmation: “I am grounded”

I have been using Phoenix – Harmony and Stonehenge – Earth Star for 6-8 weeks. Depending on which of the creams I feel drawn to, I apply that cream to my wrists and neck in the morning and last thing at night. I find that they help anchor my thoughts – I say or think an affirmation when I apply them, and the combination of this and the gorgeous aromas help me focus on what is important and what I need.  Sarah, West Sussex

Enlightenment – Affirmation ” Enlightenment”

Empower – Affirmation “I am empowered”

Forgive – Affirmation “I forgive”

Heart – Affirmation:  ” I am heart centred”

Harmony – Affirmation: ” I feel harmony”

Joy – Affirmation: ” I am Joy”

  • using the essential oils; mimosa, lemon myrtle and bergamot
  • Connecting you to the Temple of Golden Light  Margaret River, WA, Australia

Love – Affirmation: ” I am Love”

  •  using the essential oils: jasmine, patchouli and orange blossom
  • Connecting you to the Temple of Golden Light  Agra, India
  • To enhance your experience of this cream you can listen to my meditation track Agra, India from my Temple of Golden Light CD

I love  the Love cream!  It is soft and sensuous with a beautiful aroma and I use it with a very positive affirmation about loving myself and allowing new love into my life. It always leaves me with a sense of wellbeing, peacefulness and upliftment.  A real gift to carry with me at all times.  Shirley, West Sussex

Manifest – Affirmation: ” I manifest”

Magical – Affirmation: ” I am magical”

Inner Peace: “I feel inner peace”

Self- Confidence: ” I am self-confident”

Tranquility: “I feel tranquil”

Unblock and Release: ” I unblock and release”

You can choose from 18 Affirmation creams. £15.00 per cream contains 15ml. 

To pay visit my shop page and then email me which cream you wish to purchase and we will send you the cream.