The Americas Temples of Golden Light

Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

The Americas Temples of Golden Light An earthy Temple of Golden Light in the etheric near the Idaho Falls Mormon temple in the physical.

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Phoenix Arizona Copyright x2Phoenix temple of golden light is one of the Main 12 temples, a high energetic temple surrounded by a city of light. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I AM HARMONY available now. Meditation coming soon.

San Francisco, California, USA

San-Francisco-California-USA-copyright-linda jarrett

A totally angelic temple, working to heal children and your heart over lit by Lady Nada, twin flame of Jesus Christ



Sedona, Arizona, USA

sedona-copyright linda JarrettSedona temple is one of the 12 main temples, this is a very large temple connecting to the whole of this universe and more. AFFIRMATION CREAM – I SEE WITH CLARITY available now. Meditation coming soon.


Mount Shasta, California,USA

Mount Shasta Temple of Golden LIght

Mount Shasta is part of the Cascade Range of Mountains in Northern California, known as a sacred mountain many spiritual groups regard Mount Shasta as a sacred source of harmony and peace. AFFIRMATION CREAM – I MANIFEST available now. Meditation coming soon.

Denver Colorado, USA

colorado-usa- Copyright Linda Jarrett

This temple is overlite by Native American Indian Chief White Eagle and his teachings.

Indianpolis, Indiana, USA

Indiana-Indiapolis Copyright Linda Jarrett

A temple dedicated to the wisdom of the Native American Indian Elders this is a totally Native American Indian temple.

Little Rock, Arkansas,USA

kansas-city-copyright linda jarrettThis Temple is a shining light a beam of light shines in all directions for miles and miles around the Temple of Golden Light.

Chicago, USA


Chicago temple is on seven levels, a peaceful sanctuary of calm, and stillness, an escape from the maddening world outside.

New-York-USA-copyright-linda jarrett

New York, USA

The Temple of Golden Light is situated in the etheric of mother earth to right side of the Statue of Liberty a tall elaborate temple. The temple is the 2nd  largest of all the temples and sends out a  beam of light around the world. All the Goddesses office’s are here. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I BELIEVE available NOW. Meditation coming soon.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

AtlantaGeorgia-USA-copyright Linda jarrett Atlanta temple is a small temple the same size as St. Paul’s cathedral London UK. A temple connecting to a high vibration, and prayers are spoken here on a global scale.

Dallas, Texas, USA

DallasTexas.USA_copyright Linda JarrettDallas Temple of Golden light lies in the etheric over the centre of Dallas.It is an educational temple teaching people how to live in peace.

Boston, Massacheusetts, USA


The Americas Temples of Golden Light

Boston Massacheusetts temple is a high energy temple giving off golden rays of divine light and is a very powerful temple.

Detroit, Michigan, USA


This temple of golden light is in the etheric over the Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Detroit. Golden Seraphim Angels over light this temple.

Nashville, Tennesee, USA

NashvilleTennesse- copyright linda jarrett

Very large temple 3 miles high, situated in the etheric at the back of Nashville. Connected to Sedona temple, this temple connects to this universe and the 7 universes surrounding this universe.


Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Salt-lake-City-Utah-USA-copyright Linda Jarrett

This temple is a shining light for hundreds of miles around it. A beautiful Angelic Temple of Divine Light.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

Minnesota, Mineapolis, USA

White-Buffalo-Calf-Woman-Minnesota-USA-web-copyright linda jarrett

Minnesota Mineapolis temple is totally overlite by White Buffalo Calf Woman, the temple has a beautiful ethereal energy. White Buffalo Calf Woman represents mother earths love for humanity.

Bolivia, South America

Bolivia-South-America-copyrighted Bolivia temple is in the etheric over La Paz a very earthy grounded temple of love filled with the energy of divine mother.

San Jose, Costa Rica

San-jose-Costa-Rica copyright LInda Jarrett


Overlite directly by Goddess Lathinda who is a Goddess on another planet and another star system, she is an aspect of divine mother, she brings love and healing to all that connect with her.

Rio De Janerio, Brazil

Rio-De-Janeiro-copyright-linda jarrett Rio De Janeiro is famous for the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer: ” Cristo Redentor”.  It is located on the top of the Corcovado Mountain and is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the temple energetically connects to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene.

Macchu Pichu, Peru

Machu-picchu-Peru-copyrighted Linda Jarrett

A very large temple of Golden Light, one of the 12 main temples, working on many levels, connecting to the whole of this Universe, the Star people, and the Celestial beings, it is surrounded by a city of light. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  ENLIGHTENMENT available NOW. Meditation coming soon.

Lima, Peru

peru1-300-x-212-copyright linda jarrett

This temple is in the etheric over Callao, on the edge of the ocean, not far from Lima, and near the Rainforests of South America. Peru is the home of Macchu Pichu the Inca citadel, Amazon river and Lake Titicaca, home to floating islands and singular cultures.

Mexico City, Mexico

mexico-copyrightr-Linda Jarrett The city currently known as Mexico City was founded by the Mexica people, later known as the Aztecs, in 1325, a lovely earthy temple.

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile Temple of Golden LightSantiago Chile Temple of Golden Light connects to the rainforests of this world, this temple has a magical earthy feel to it.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland Oregon, Temple of Golden Light

A very large temple of golden light higher up in the etheric of mother earth, connecting to Pleadies, Sirius and Andromeda. A major healing temple for the physical body it is situated in the etheric of mother earth over the centre of the city.

 Omaha, Northern Nebaska, USA

Northern Nebraska Temple of Golden Light This temple is over the centre or the heart of the city.

Caracas, Venezuela

caracas-VenezuelaCaracas temple is a beautiful ethereal grounding temple surrounded by the Rainbow Angels the temple has a churchlike feel to it.


Honduras, South America


Earthy grounding temple of golden light in the etheric of Puerto Castilla on the northern coast of Honduras.




Montivideo, Uruguay South America

Montevideo-Uruguay Temple of Golden Light

Montivideo temple is a happy, good to be alive energy temple, this temple will encourage you to take a day out of life and have some fun and laughter.

Buenos Aires , Argentina


Surrounded by a city of light, overseen by divine mother, encircled with Rainbow Angels.

Havana, Cuba

Havana-Cuba-copyright Linda Jarrett

Havana is the capital of Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean. It the Temple of the Hearts and it is where your heart will be developed, cleared and cleansed.



Kauai Hawaii Temple of Golden Light

This temple lies in the etheric over the highest peak called Mount Wai’ale’ale near the centre of the island, a beautiful angelic and celestial being temple of golden light.