Oceanic Temples of Golden Light

There are 12 Temples of Golden Light in the Oceans

Mother Earths beautiful oceans have 12 Temples of Golden Light beneath the oceans. The God Poseidon precedes over these temples, he is one of the 12 Olympian Deities of the Pantheon in Greek Mythology. These temples connect to cetacean energy, the Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises and all of the Sea Creatures. They all link together, all 12 temples then link to the rest of the temples, making a total of 144 temples all playing a vital part in raising the vibration of Mother Earth.

Pacific Oceanic One Temple


Connecting to the water creatures, the Cetaceans, the Whales, the Dolphins and all sea life. Overlighted by the Gods Posiedon/Neptune. This Temple is one of twelve Oceanic temples of divine light, balancing all the waters of this planet, and the waters that overlap the tectonic plates. Balancing, soothing, and relaxing these are the qualities you will receive when you connect to this temple. AFFIRMATION CREAM – UNBLOCK/RELEASE available NOW. Meditation coming soon.

Pacific Oceanic Two Temple


Beautiful temple of Atlantis energy surrounded by a city of light. Situated off the coast of Lima Peru and Macchu Pichu and near La Paz, Bolivia. Dolphin energy is very strong here, the Dolphins are the doorkeepers of Atlantis energy love, beauty and contentment are the qualities of this temple.

Pacific Oceanic Three Temple


Situated near Tokyo Japan, filled with the cetacean energy inside the temple are coloured rainbow waterfalls. You will receive sacred symbols and sacred codes when you connect with this temple.



Atlantic Oceanic One Temple


Situated in the North Atlantic near Bermuda USA a very light bright temple, filled with Atlantis energy connected to mer angels and mer men it is a gateway to ascension and raising your vibration.


Atlantic Oceanic Two Temple


Situated off the beautiful island of Cape Verde. This temple is just under the water, not far from the surface, connecting to the energy of the whales a temple of balance having a portal to other galaxies.

Atlantic Oceanic  Three Temple


This Temple of Golden Light aligns to all of this universe, the galaxies and planets. Overseered by the God Posiedon. It connects from the ocean up and out into the universe.With a link to our sun, balancing the waters of our planet having fish like Humanoid Beings inside.

Indian Oceanic One Temple


Indian Ocean One temple is off Rockingham, Perth, Australia a smaller temple devoted totally to healing people. This temple transmutes all negativity.


 Indian Oceanic Two Temple

indian-ocean 2 TOGL

Indian Ocean Two is off Colombo, Sri Lanka and East Singapore not far from the Maldives strategically placed within the grid then the grid links to all the other 144 temples of golden light inside is a large multifacted sapphire and diamond crystal.


Arctic Ocean Temple


Situated north of Spitsbergen, a happy fun temple teaching people how to be happy looks like a crystalline structure, of totally frozen ice filled with the energy of whales, sealions, seals, penquins and polar bears.


Caspian Sea Temple


Situated near Atyrau Kazakhstan a small temple very peaceful, very calm you can connect to this temple to release stress energy, the temple is totally feminine energy and connected to the sea world.

Mediterranean Sea Oceanic Temple



Situated off the coast of Spain near Valencia surrounded by a city of light inside are 2 pyramids, a powerful temple holding the energy of Atlantis.

English Channel Oceanic Temple

English channel sea TOGL

Situated of the coast of Dover, England UK. A small temple, a golden nugget, this is where you go first it is a tourist information temple, a guide to which ocean temple is good for you, its like passport border control in the ocean.