Europe Temples of Golden Light

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul Temple of Golden LightIstanbul is a unique city, at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, located on both sides of the Bosphorus (Istanbul Straits) is described as a jewel. Istanbul is a city of synthesis which realizes in an atmosphere of tolerance the uniting of the East and West on the subjects of culture, art and religion, at the borders of two separate continents. The Bosphorous, stretches out between the emerald-like slopes, the woods, and the bays adorned with many beauties. This Temple is huge in size and is a teaching temple where people from different cultures and religions meet in peace and harmony. This Temple of Golden Light is situated over the centre of the city surrounded by a City of Light. MEDITATION to connect to this temple available on Temple of Golden Light CDs/Downloads and AFFIRMATION CREAM –   I AM BALANCED available NOW

Glastonbury, UK

glastonbury-copyright by linda jarrett

Glastonbury along with Avebury from 2012 is the Heart Chakra of the World, this is why the Temple is over Glastonbury. Glastonbury’s early history is linked with its dominant landmark the Tor, sacred since ancient time, a holy hill. MEDITATION to connect to this temple is available, on Temple of Golden Light Meditations CDs/Downloads. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I AM MAGICAL is available NOW.

Stonehenge, UK

Temple of Golden Light Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire UK, about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury. One of the most famous sites in the world. Stonehenge is the remains of a ring of Standing Stones set within earthworks. This Temple of Golden Light is in the etheric directly above Stonehenge, emitting Golden radiance. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I AM GROUNDED is available NOW. Meditation to connect is coming soon.

Snowdonia, Wales

snowdonia-copyright linda jarrettSnowdonia Temple of Golden Light is 1 of 6 Animal Healing Temples overlite by St. Francis of Assisi, the other Temples of Golden Light are in the etheric of Sicily Italy, Cairns Australia, Cape Town Africa, Buenos Aires Argentina, San Francisco California, all overlite by St. Francis of Assisi. Snowdonia is in North Wales,this Temple is purely for the Healing of all animals.

Dublin, Ireland

dublin-copyright linda jarretDublin Temple of Golden Light is in the etheric of the sacred site called Newgrange, located in the present day County of Neath. It is a Temple to teach all the Power of Pray.  

Edinburgh, Scotland

scotland-copyright linda jarrettThe Temple of Golden Light is over the centre of Edinburgh a beautiful peaceful temple.

Tallin, Estonia

tallin-copyright linda jarrettLovely, cosy, homely Temple of Golden Light. Overlit by Master Rakosky who I believe to be an aspect of St. Germaine.

Paris, France

paris-copyright linda jarrettParis temple is situated in the etheric behind the Sacre Coeur in Paris and connects to Mother Mary and Jesus Christ also many Angels and Archangels. MEDITATION to connect to Paris Temple is on Temple of Golden Light Meditations CDs/Downloads. AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I AM HEART CENTRED is available NOW.

Lourdes, France

lourdes-copyright- linda JarrettA smaller Temple of Golden Light, but one that totally connects to God/Goddess, to the heart of God/Goddess. This temple is overlighted by a beautiful Golden Magnificent Angel of Golden Light, also overlit by St. Bernadette herself. AFFIRMATION CREAM – I FORGIVE is available NOW. Meditation is coming soon.

Berlin, Germany

berlin-copyright Linda JarrettA light and bright Temple filled with Angels, this temple clears people of solar plexus and sacral chakra issues.  

Cologne, Germany

Cologne Temple of Golden LightCologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany, having been founded by the Ubii in the year 38 BC. Cologne ( English pronunciation: German: Koln). Cologne Cathedral is the city’s most famous monument, a earthy grounding temple of peace and calm.

Crete, Greece

crete-copyright linda jarrett Crete Greece Temple of Golden light aligns to the Temple of Delphi over Greece connecting this world through this particular temple of golden light to many wondrous star systems of this universe.

Athens, Greece

crete-copyright linda jarrett

This temple of golden light is over Athens in the etheric over the Acropolis the sacred temple of Pallas Athena.  Greece is a leading force in moving forward into the new golden age. MEDITATION to connect to this temple is on Temple of Golden Light Meditations CDs/Downloads and AFFIRMATION CREAM –  I AM ABUNDANT available NOW.

Amsterdam, Holland

amsterdam-copyright linda jarrett The beautiful small Temple of Golden Light is directly over the centre of Amsterdam, filled with the energy of the elemental kingdom, plus it is very connected to water and the Oceanic Temples. Within this temple there is a Spa or bathing area, rather like a Roman Bath, this will cleanse and clear you as you bathe in Golden Light, rejuvenating your cells.

Rome, Italy

Rome Temple of Golden Light Rome Temple of Golden Light is one of the Temples of the Apostles of Christ, where they meet personally and make important decisions regarding there work here on earth, this temple is cloaked when all of the apostles are in a meeting. Holding the energy of Mother Mary as well as Jesus Christ. The Temple is in the etheric over the centre of Rome. Surrounded by a city of light.


Venice, Italy

venice-copyright linda jarrett Venice Italy Temple of Golden Light is a beautiful ethereal temple of Golden Light. This temple is a gateway to heaven, where people can connect with their loved ones if they wish to. A sound healing temple, healing people on an emotional level. Connecting to Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and many Angels and Archangel Raphael. It is surrounded by a city of light.


Sicily, Italy

venice-copyright linda jarrett Sicily Temple is the main Animal Healing Temple of Golden Light. A small temple, being around the size of St. Pauls cathedral in London, UK. Overlighted by St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi, surrounded by Unicorns and protected by Pegasus the Winged Horse. A wonderful healing sanctuary for all Animals, this temple connects to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Meditation to connect to this temple coming soon.

Mo I Rana, Norway

mo-I-rana-copyright Linda Jarrett This Temple of Golden Light is in the etheric to the east of Norway over pine forests. It connects to middle earth, and to the elemental kingdom, the tree spirits, the green man and green lady spirits, the fairies, also it connects  up out and into the universe, to the hathors from venus and beyond. This is a temple of divine love and light.

Oslo, Norway

oslo-copyright linda jarrett

Over a pine forest set in the etheric of Oslo. A large Golden Temple, filled with the energy of the forest, Tree Spirits, Elementals, and Ascended Masters. A temple of peace, I call this the Temple of planting the Seeds of Love. You can learn how to live the ways of a community life in love, peace and friendship, working with Mother Earth.

Belgrade, Serbia

belgrade-copyright linda jarrett

Belgrade Temple of Golden Light will help you to aspire to be the best that you can be. Giving you grounding and building blocks to help you through life. It has a church feel, homely and welcoming, you will receive Grace and Forgiveness here, where all is understood. This Temple is filled with the energy of love, justice and power, honoured by the God Thor, known as the God of justice.

Bratislava, Slovakia

bratislava-copyright linda Jarrett This Temple of Golden Light is in the etheric of Bratislava Slovakia, a two tiered temple. Earthy energy on the first level, connecting to the elemental kingdom and the Rainbow fairies, then moves up and becomes a very light temple connecting to the Rainbow Angels of healing. People are helped here who have Solar Plexus issues, one learns here to understand the other person’s point of view,  and taught cause and effect.

Savinja Alps, Slovenia

Slovenia, Savinja Alps - Linda Jarrett Lady Nada herself over lights this Temple of Golden Light, there is an incredibly peaceful Atlantis energy to be found within the temple. The energy is very light and bright, a high temple for those that already do their service work, a light workers/light bearers Temple.  

Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm-copyright linda jarrettStockholm is Sweden’s, cultural, media, political, and economic centre. This is a very light temple energetically, having a connection to the Star Systems of this Universe. It connects with Archangel Ariel and his legions of Angels to facilitate wisdom.

Zurich, Switzerland

zurich-copyright linda jarrett The Temple of Golden Light over Zurich Switzerland is surrounded by Golden Cherubs, and aligns to the Rainbow Angels bringing healing .This temple will bring you peace and balance all of your chakras all together. Emitting Golden Radiance, covering a huge area with Golden Light.

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Temple of Golden Light

Geneva is a global financial centre, and the most important international co-operation centre with New York because of the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross.  It is surrounded by two mountain chains, the Alps and the Jura. The Temple of Golden Light is situated to the north of the city right in front of the snow capped mountains. It is the only Unicorn Healing Temple. MEDITATIONS to connect to UNICORNS available on my UNICORNS MEDITATIONS CDs/Downloads on shop page.

Bodrum, Turkeybodrum-copyright linda jarrett

This temple of immense peace in the etheric of Bodrum, Turkey, is over lighted by a beautiful large golden winged angel. A high energy temple reaching up and out to the stars within our universe. Surrounded by the Rainbow Angels, a healing temple of the heart.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid-Spain-copyright linda jarrett Madrid is the capital of Spain.This temple is in the etheric towards the north of the city, incredibly peaceful and serene, with beautiful artwork just like the Sistine chapel.

Seville, Spain


seville-copyright linda jarrett

A white and gold Temple, holding the energy of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary; overlighted by Archangel Michael. It is in the etheric on the outskirts of Seville, Spain. A restful peaceful temple, light hearted and happy enjoying the celebration of life.

Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon-copyright linda jarrett


A cleansing clearing temple, one where you go in heavy laden and come out much lighter. Clears solar plexus and sacral issues, clearing all sadnesses.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary, Linda Jarrett Budapest  Temple of Golden Light aligns to Archangel Metatron the Lord of Light. Visit this Temple in your sleep state for peace, healing and cellular renewal, this Temple of Golden light is surrounded by many many Angels of the Light and the Love of God. Removing old stuck earth bound souls.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Temple of Golden Light

Many Healing Angels connected to this Temple of Golden Light plus Golden Cherubs of loving light. Very angelic energy within this temple being overlighted by Archangel Michael holding his flaming sword to cut the cords of attachment and give strength, courage, bravery and remove all negativity. Encouraging progress, prosperity and healing helping all those in need of comfort and upliftment.

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb Temple of Golden Light

Croatia Temple of Golden Light connected to Star Beings of Light and Angels and Fairies, primary function is for Healing of your Soul, removing past life issues and programming. This Temple is filled with Twinkling Starlight. Connects directly to Pleaides, the energy shines out like small silver stars, healing all those within. 

Warsaw, Poland

This Temple of Golden Light is right over the centre of Warsaw over the Jewish ghetto area, holding the light healing the lost stuck souls needing to move forward, vacumming souls that are stuck, drawing many stuck souls like a magnet, needing to be released and taking them to the light.

Removing much sadness and unhappiness. Emitting golden radiance and healing light.

Zazanlak, Bulgaria

Bulgarian temple of golden light

An earthy temple of golden light, one where you learn to be grateful and appreciate life. Here you can reflect upon your life if you do not like it you can learn how to change things. Help is here for your journey throughout life. This temple is filled with the love of the elemental kingdom and earth angels and is surrounded by many rainbow angels.

Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev Temple of Golden Light

Kiev Ukraine Temple of Golden Light is overlighted by Archangel Michael and Archangel Michaels legions of Angels of courage, strength and bravery, helping you to speak your own divine truth. Paving the way for new ideas, strength of mind, Inspiration, truth and justice and healing. Holding the light for this area of the world.

Vienna, Austria

vienna-copyright Linda JarrettA Sound Healing Temple of Golden Light, releasing your voice. Overlighted by Johann Strauss and connected to the Angels of Sound. A temple that releases burdens, sorrows and shadows, a temple of forgiveness. Holding the energy of Jesus Christ to help you unlock your inner voice and empower yourself once more.

Saltzburg, Austria

saltzburg-copyright linda jarrett Lady Nada overlights this Temple.  A Temple of Forgiveness, where burdens and wrong doings are released. Similar to the Vienna Temple, but this temple is feminine, holding a soft energy and as such is filled with Lady Nada’s energy. She is the twin flame to Jesus Christ. Angels of Sound work here helping heal all those that pray for help.

paphos copyright

Paphos, Cyprus

This temple holds the light for the area, placed in the etheric of mother earth on a pivotal point within the ley lines.

The temple brings different religions together, honouring Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Zoroastran traditions. A beautiful peaceful, calm healing temple.

Helsinki, Finland

Temple of Golden Light, Helsinki, Finland

A temple of golden light that is high up in the etheric filled with angels that have silver wings and cherubs with silver wings. It is over-lit by a huge silver master angel . A very powerful healing temple with a rose quartz  crystal in the main healing sanctuary.



All the drawings are channelled, and are Artist Impressions by Christina Hunt and Jooles Griffiths.