Australasia Temples of Golden Light

Uluru,( Ayres Rock) Australia

uluru-australia-copyright-linda jarrett

ULURU also known as AYERS ROCK, is a large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory, central Australia. It lies 335 km (208 MI ) south west of the nearest large town, Alice Springs, 450km (280 mi) by road. Uluru is sacred to the Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area. This Temple holds the essence of the Aboriginal energy, along with the Serpent energy connecting to many Star Systems within this Universe including Pleiadies and Orion healing is received within this Temple, facilitating peace, virtue and honour. AFFIRMATION CREAM – I  AM SELF-CONFIDENT available NOW. Meditation to connect coming soon.

Gold Coast, Australia

goldcoast-copyright linda Jarrett

This Temple is inland between Southport and Warwick, over empty land. Australia’s Gold Coast itself is modern with glittering high rise buildings, built around superb beaches, including the world renowned ‘Surfers Paradise”. The Australian Temples all have the essence of the Aborigines, who were expert in oneness and living with the land, using Plants and Herbs in Traditional Medicine, the healing of all complaints was practised by all Aborigines, this Temple is filled with light and peace.

Margaret River, Australia


A beautiful ethereal Temple of Golden Light of peace, a clearing and cleansing temple of absolute God/Goddesses love. In the etheric over Margaret River,  where there are crystal caves a healing and relaxing temple surrounded by a city of light. AFFIRMATION CREAM – I AM JOY available NOW. Meditation to connect to temple coming soon.

Sydney, Australia

sydney-copyright-linda jarrett

Sydney Temple of Golden Light is surrounded by a city of light over Sydney in the etheric of mother earth a completely gold temple having 7 Halls of Learning within it. It is so large that it is like a city of light itself, its access point is on a ley line towards the north of Sydney in front of the Blue Mountains.



Cairns , Australia

Cairns Australia Temple of Golden Light

This temple of golden light connects to the star system Pleadies, Sirius and Andromeda and also connects to the planet Venus. It is a children and animal temple as well as a healing centre for adults.

Suva, Fiji

suva-fiji A temple of star people very, very high up in the etheric of earth. A temple where you can learn about the universe. This temple is over-lit by Archangel Gabriel and holds the energy of Jesus Christ. This temple is very light and bright, and may appear too bright for some.


South Island, New Zealand

south-island-temple of golden ligh

A community Temple of Golden Light promoting the Maori energy only known in New Zealand the temple is over-lit by Goddess Jacinta herself. This Temple is about friendship, trust, and very much about people; how good they can be, caring and sharing. It is an earthy temple of love and light.




All drawings are channelled by Christina Hunt and Jooles Griffiths.