Antarctica, Arctic, Iceland, Greenland and Canada Temples of Golden Light


Mount Shasta Temple of Golden LightThis Temple of Golden Light is in the etheric over the South Pole on Antarctica it is the fourth largest temple and connects to the whole of this universe. AFFIRMATION Cream – I FEEL TRANQUILITY available NOW. Meditation coming soon to connect to this temple.



Arctic, North Pole

arctic-northpole copyright Linda jarrettA medium sized Temple of Golden Light connected to the energy of Polar bears, Penquins, Whales and Dolphins.

 Ammaslik, Greenland

arctic-northpole copyright Linda jarrett

Greenland Temple of Golden Light is connected to Middle Earth, a very earthy temple, a place of prayer and worship, a gathering place of people.


Reyjavik, Iceland

Antarctica Temples of Golden Light

This Temple of Golden Light is a Crystalline temple of light.
Grounding and Healing allowing the release of old deep rooted emotional issues, letting go of the old and bringing in the new.

Great Bear Lake, Canada


A wonderful learning temple on how to evaluate life on all levels, spiritual talks are given here. .

Niagara Falls , Ontario, Canada

Niagara Falls, Temple of Golden LightA large temple of golden light in the etheric over Goat Island, Niagara Falls Ontario.


Amundessen Gulf, Canada

Amundessen gulf-canadaThis temple is holding the light for the area, some of the temples of golden light are simply holding the light for that particular area of the planet.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver-Temple of Golden lightA temple of golden light in the etheric of earth at the back of the city of Vancouver in front of the mountain range the Rocky Mountains.

Quebec, Canada

Quebec Temple of Golden Light
This is a big temple of golden a very light, homely cosy temple. If you have a problem this temple will help you with guidance.