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Clairvoyant Reading – Testimonial

Had a wonderful reading with Linda, she is able to pick up immediately on what was pressing on my mind and put me at ease about the future, even though we have free will, it was reassuring to know that my thoughts and plans are not ‘pie in the sky’.  I was taken aback about things that my children are considering studying, and how accurate Linda was with all of this.  I really didn’t expect it. Linda comes across as a gentle, kind soul, with a wonderful sense of humour.

All I can say is that my reading was awesome.

Thank you
Sally, Tenby


Clairvoyant Reading – Testimonial

Linda has been a source of great strength to me, particularly during some tough times when I needed reassurance of the path I had chosen. I have huge faith in my angels and the sessions with Linda have always reminded me to value them and connect with them.  Learning more about my soul’s journey and where it has come from has also helped me to understand why feelings and emotions were so impactful or challenging. Her guidance and healing has brought comfort and relief along with a stronger ability to face difficult conversations and situations.  There is peace and calm as well as guidance in everything Linda communicates and I continue to learn and take example from her which helps me daily.

Claire, Crawley

Clairvoyant Reading – Testimonial

I think of my visits to Linda are much more than ‘going for a reading.

They are a combination of:

–  Help and support with any general life issues such as family, work or health related problems. Her channelling has been invaluable on many occasions for showing me a bigger picture to these issues, why they’re occurring, what I can do to help the situation and how things are likely to work out

–  Keeping me on my spiritual path, with nudges when necessary and introducing me to new concepts, masters, guides and spiritual issues. As such she’s my spiritual teacher, giving me ideas for exploring on my own and opening my eyes to new possibilities

–  And hands on healing, in which stuck energies are cleared so I feel lighter, more grounded and more connected to my guides and to source

I find Linda inspiring, yet with a down to earth practical side to her advice, and lots of humour mixed in too!

Sarah, Worthing

Clairvoyant Reading – Testimonial

Linda Jarrett has a beautiful energy and a pure, angelic vibration which flows through her wonderful work and all the reading, counselling and healing sessions she so lovingly performs. Her quiet assurance and gentle voice complement her considerable abilities as a channel and medium to bring through wisdom and advice and enlighten any situation she focuses upon. I have always found her readings to be inspirational, compassionate and genuinely filled with helpful guidance and understanding – as well as a few positive surprises now and then – and I feel blessed to have met her and experienced her amazing gifts.

SR, Arundel

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