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Rainbow Angel Therapy

Linda Jarrett

Born in Brighton, Linda Jarrett began her spiritual journey in her early 20’s when
she first became fully aware of her clairvoyant gift. During an early career working in commercial
roles and bringing up a young family, Linda continued to explore and understand this gift, alongside training in healing and meditation. She is an Rainbow Angel Therapist Practitioner, Karuna Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher (British School of Yoga Advanced).

“I am so thankful for my journey, with its twists and turns, highs and lows… all the lessons, guidance and experiences have brought me to a point in my life where I can truly appreciate all that has happened with the deepest of gratitude and a joyful heart.”

The consequence of personal loss in her early 20’s became the catalyst for great change in Linda’s life and opened doors for her to connect with the many Angels, Earth Guides and Celestial Beings of Light, that are around us all providing constant and loving support.

Linda’s practise of Rainbow Angel Therapy works with vibration of colour and offers healing for all chakras to bring balance, peace, relaxation and inspiration. As this practise evolved Linda became aware of the powerful presence of The Temples of Golden Light, as Founder and Ambassador, she consciously spreads the light to create awareness and understanding of the many Temples placed around the world.  Each temple, there are 144 is a place of great healing and harmony and carries unique, individual attributes that enable us all to embrace and nurture our inherent spiritual abilities.  The Temples themselves are surrounded by four Golden Global Universal Seraphim Angels of the highest order representing North, South, East and West.  The privilege of working with the Temples etheric presence allows Linda to experience balance, wisdom, enlightenment and well-being on every level, to bring peace to ourselves and Mother Earth.

Today, Linda lives in West Sussex, with her husband and family, and practices Healing, Clairvoyance, and Angel Therapy, in the UK and Australia.  She continues on her journey of learning and experience of the many Temples of Golden Light and has now published her e-book Temples of Golden Light, Awaken, Shift and Love Yourself.

Linda also teaches Meditation and facilitates Temple of Goldenlight Workshops and Rainbow Angels Workshops.

You can also book an appointment for Rainbow Angel Therapy or a Clairvoyant Reading, you can email or call Linda on 01903 776302 contact Linda.

It is my joy to have this opportunity to create awareness of the Temples of Golden Light

Love and Golden Light,

Linda Jarrett x